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Dear all

As Thisdesign is dissolving, we have transfered almost all of the posts here to another blog next door called “Supermachine”, a new office I founded. The new blog is almost ready.. It will feature just completed/current/proposal/working processes of our projects.

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Endless table



dsc08386Never miss the entertaining moments… We entertain our trainees with the endless table installation. It look just like what we expected.. some corners remind me of “TRANG’s cake” though.





entrance01Some rendering images from the development stage.

Oriental Post Studio in Hochimin City


evevation-01Thisdesign has designed the editing studio for an expanding Thai film post production company, Oriental post. It’ll be their first “outside of Thailand” studio. The expected completion is April 2009.

Keep walking


bangsaen_06I happened to go through the old files we used to propose for our project in Bangsaen. These are some of the first tries we did. Pretty amazing everytime I look into how many versions we tries.

Got our hands dirty


model04In search for the right component walls for the current building we are designing, we were busy with the plaster cement pouring mess. Here we are working for options of the wall effect if it is folding, punching or something else.

Model Model & Model


table model


Our study model for the new project.. Endless table.. we love making model.. yes… we love making model….

Thisdesign starts talking


Letting web-designer or someone who can make website doing a website for architects is not a good idea, at least for us. Leaving our website half-dead for 5 years, we decide to expand the space where we can talk about our stuff, our projects in a more relax and active way. Leaving that “rigid” “formal” “designed” website just as a link to what we are doing everyday, right here.