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BKK 2082 on Mathichon




Endless Table


Long Long Long table.. and pretty strong one too ūüôāmock041L

Keep walking


bangsaen_06I happened to go through the old files we used to propose for our project in Bangsaen. These are some of the first tries we did. Pretty amazing everytime I look into how many versions we tries.

Got our hands dirty


model04In search for the right component walls for the current building we are designing, we were busy with the plaster cement pouring mess. Here we are working for options of the wall effect if it is folding, punching or something else.

I Plus Room


Super Yincharoen


colorWhy can’t we have the different way of telling people the location of the products they are looking for in the supermarket? Rather than putting texts at the corner of those shelves, we designed a muti-color cieling system that communicates to the customers. Red stands for meat related product while green is for vegetables and fruits. Yellow for dry, intance food.

On the beach



onbeach_01A proposal raft for a party by the beach, a floating swimming pool attached with DJ booth and drink bar. The raft is a movable sunbathing deck where people can choose to swim both in the enclose pool and the open water.

Greyhound showcase


greyhound1_01An installation using unfolding techniques learnt from Fat Live Concert; Paradox Circus in 2003. The inflatable object is made of 60 unidentical pieces of fabrics.

Hammock Cafe’



We think it would be great to half-lie¬†in the cafe’, not only “sit” so we propose a small cafe’ without chairs but hammocks.



igus-wall01The installation proposal for IGUS in Media exhibition in Bangkok. The company produces wide range of products; the dominent one which has very unique property is the DryLin linear bearing. The installation was design to demonstrate the super-smooth rail system.